Fertility Journeys

Starting the Journey

For women with a regular menstrual cycle, it is best to try to have intercourse most days in the middle of the month.

If you count the first full-flow day of your menstrual period as your ‘day one,’ count along and try to have intercourse most days, from day 10 to day 20.

Try not to make things too serious, or focus too much on conceiving. Make things fun.
Enjoy being a couple.

There is some evidence that if women have an orgasm during lovemaking, sperm are more likely to be carried up through the cervix.

For this reason, make sure trying for a baby is pleasurable for both of you, and doesn’t become a stressful chore. There are no special things to do – lying down with your legs in the air after intercourse is uncomfortable and can look funny.
Just enjoy time together.